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Dr. Hamid began working in the health industry in 2011. He worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at Florida International University, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. He became the head personal trainer for the university weight loss program called the ‘Lose-It Program’ which included over 200 employees and students per semester. Because of his accomplishments with his clients, Ilyas was featured in the FIU newspaper ‘The Beacon’ and became the Lead Personal Trainer for the F.I.U. Recreation Center. In 2013, Ilyas was voted Personal Trainer of the Year.

After attaining his BS in Dietetics and Nutrition, Ilyas knew that the knowledge he acquired from the program would not be enough to have a meaningful impact on the health of his clients. He then decided it was time to further his education. He acquired modern knowledge in the field of Functional Medicine and Neuromuscular reprogramming correctional exercise techniques for physical pain and posture correction. He then decided that if he wanted to address all health issues, he would need to attend the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine to further his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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During his time at A.T.O.M, Ilyas acquired a second Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He began his studies in the healing methods of the Amazon and Asia. He learned the philosophies of plant medicine from the Amazon, became a Reiki practitioner through the lineage of Usui-Do, learned Prana-Kinetic Massage, Sound Healing, and healing methods with crystals and essential oils. He then traveled to China to further his

Ilyas was a part of the first and only Chinese Medicine program hosted by monks in the Shaolin Temple. He deepened his knowledge of Chinese Medicine and learned the health benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Mei Hua Quan. After getting acquainted with such deep knowledge, he committed to traveling to China once a year to continue his teachings.

During his second journey to China, Hamid was able to intern at the Gulou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Gulou Hospital is held in high regard for being one of the oldest Chinese Medicine Hospitals in Beijing. It is recognized for being one the first in the capital, and it was founded by descendants of the imperial doctors who treated the royal family. It governed as a pavilion for the most esteemed Chinese Medicine doctors in China, for over a century.

While interning, Ilyas was granted the opportunity to be the English translator for “Tuina Manipulation Atlas of the Famous Senior TCM Doctor Cui Shusheng.” Seeing the value, Ilyas established relations with his Alma Mater and this hospital. This spawned the first internship
opportunity for ATOM students and American Acupuncture Physicians. Hamid is welcomed at Gulou and is granted permission to continue taking American TCM Doctors to further their education.

In 2019, Hamid interned at the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs. It was during his time here that he was able to further his education in rehabilitation of professional athletes.

Dr. Hamid also completed his Doctorate Degree in 2019. His thesis, ‘The Parallels of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology: Correlating Pathophysiology, Allostatic Load, and Integrative Therapy’ explains how genetics and epigenetics are the main contributors to illness and death, how this concept is understood from a Chinese Medicine perspective, and the kinds of therapies necessary to reverse genetics and prevent disease. His research is also the science behind Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Liptons teachings.

After completing his Doctorate, Dr. Hamid continued to enhance his knowledge and skillset. Since 2018, he has been apprenticing under Dr. Kevin Clark, who is a Professor and the Director of Admissions at ATOM, and continues to train under his mentor to this day. In 2022, he acquired his certification in Meta-NLP to be more efficient in training behaviors and emotions.

Dr. Hamid believes to achieve optimal health, the mind and body must be addressed. His research explains how the psyche will affect the neuroendocrine system, and how this system can modulate the body into undesirable states that lead to disease. His skill set involves using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Neural Linguistic Programming and Corrective exercise to treat healthy disorders at any level. However, because medicine changes every 4-5 years, he believes that continuing his education and staying on top of all of the newest research is necessary to continue treating his patients with the highest standard of care. He believes in being a student of science and medicine forever, and you can still find him in coffee shops with his head in the books to this day.


2016-2022 APEX Functional Medicine Certificates: Mastering the Thyroid, Fundamentals of
Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Neurology,
Functional Endocrinology, Neurochemistry of Childhood Brain Developmental Disorders

2022 Voted Best Acupuncturist by Our City Magazine

2022 Meta-Neurolinguistic Programming Provider

2021 Voted Best Acupuncturist by Our City Magazine

2019 Doctorate Degree: Internal Medicine of Oriental Medicine

2019 Internship at Olympic Training Facility Colorado Springs

2018 Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

2017 Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine

2017 Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences

2016 Reiki Level 1 certified (Usui-Do)

2014 Bachelors Degree in Dietetics and Oriental Medicine

2013 Florida International University Personal Trainer of the Year

2009-2012 Foundation of the World Vice President (Non-Profit Organization)

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