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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated more than 2,500 years ago- it is the original Integrative Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,…

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the medicine of “WHY”. Why is this symptom occurring now, in the way it is happening? -A direct question directed toward the root….

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our evaluation of the world is programmed by what our family, culture, and immediate environment…

Therapeutic Exercise

In most chronic pain situations, the natural aging process paired with behaviors of our lifestyles…


Where it is true that we cannot choose our genetics, it is also true that we have a say in how we express most of them…

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My health has taken a life changing turn around, and I couldn’t be happier. Finding Balance Integrative Medicine, and Ily truly saved my life. After treatments and testing, we were able to discover I have a severe Gluten allergy (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!?)
I have been Gluten Free for just abut 2 months now and all my physical issues I have had for years have vanished. No more stomach pains, issues with bowel movements, headaches, and bloating. Through the Gluten allergy discovery due to testing, Ily informed me that I have leaky gut syndrome. He was able to explain everything in detail, and go over test results with me and make me feel so comfortable through it all.
It amazes me that I got used to living that way, and how freeing this experience truly has been. Not only am I on the path to physically healing, I am on the journey to healing emotionally. Acupuncture is a treatment that I will have incorporated into my routine for the rest of my life. It has shown its benefits through having less anxiety, which is a huge for me. I was able to get off an Anxiety medication (Clonazepam) and have not had an anxiety nor panic attack since treatments have begun. I feel more in control of my emotions, instead of my emotions in control of me. I no longer feel like I am spiraling out of control. My Depression is pretty much non existent at this point, I am getting more sleep/deeper sleep, and my PMDD is a thing of the past.

Of course I still have difficult days, but they are not like before. I am able to stay cool, calm and collected. I am still on my path of healing and have many steps ahead of me, but I couldn’t ask for a better place to go for treatments or a better Doctor.

I have been to two treatments so far, and I couldn’t be happier. Walking into the space, you literally feel all your worries being left at the door. You feel welcomed and like you belong there. I have received acupuncture twice, and cupping once. I am looking to treat anxiety, depression, and PMDD. What a wonderful gift to give to yourself. Total relaxation and peace. I am still in the very beginning of my healing journey, but I definitely recommend this place with all of my being. This is your sign to call!

Kristen Benson
Kristen Benson

I highly recommend Balance Integrative Medicine! Dr. Ilyas Hamid truly changed my life for the better. I’ve had chronic neck & back pain (multiple herniated discs, sciatica, lumbar facet syndrome, etc.), chronic stomach issues, and anxiety/depression issues for years. I’ve seen pain management specialists, chiropractors, gastrointestinal specialists, and more. I’ve had multiple injections and been on all types of medications including SSRI’s and opioids. My back & neck pain level was between a seven and a ten every single day. Walking was something that I could only do for a little while, some days hardly at all. At 32 years old, surgery and disability aren’t an option. So, I reached out to Dr. Ilyas Hamid at Balance Integrative Medicine. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, he performed acupuncture, cupping, electroacupuncture and moxibustion treatments over the course of three months. I started feeling better almost instantly. After ordering a range of blood work panels, he created a very detailed nutritional guide that not only explained my blood work results, but also gave step by step instructions of what I needed to do to fix it. After changing my diet to gluten & dairy free and taking vitamins & supplements every day, I started feeling even better. Once my pain level was low enough, he taught me correctional exercises to do every day, on my own. At each appointment, he would check my progress and then teach me new exercises to strengthen every muscle in my body without causing any back or neck pain. This was a complete lifestyle change for me. I had to fully commit and do the work. It was frustrating and painful at times, but even when I broke down, he was there encouraging me & reminding me (each step of the way) how far I’ve come. Over the course of three months, I have lost 25 lbs and dropped 4 sizes in jeans. My back pain, neck pain, stomach problems and anxiety have all decreased drastically. I am overall so much healthier and happier. Dr. Ilyas Hamid will definitely improve your quality of life.

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