Functional Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Providing service in Broward County

AcuHollywood is located in Hollywood FL. We are Broward Countys’  foremost Traditional Chinese Medicine provider . We provide a comprehensive diagnosis and consultation. From treatment including acupuncture and cupping therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, prepared herbs and dispensary, decocting and packaging, skincare and beauty therapy, dietotherapy and supplements, valued , healthcare and tonics and food, herbal soup ingredients, healthcare tools and devices are just some of the services we provided. Thousands of people have benefited from Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxibustion, gua sha, and cupping to address health issues such as infertility, high blood pressure, acne, pimples, sleeplessness, breast augmentation, weight loss, and pregnancy support.

Internal health consists of
having homeostasis with Physical,
Mental Emotional and Spiritual health

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